Business Transformation


We do this.

A lot!

We've saved over £11 million within the year of the changes doing this doing this.


From a line to a site to a company.


Decades of leading change and close work with world class operations and global experts to great excellence and experience and decades of applying and honing that skill set to transfer best practice into all kinds of operations.


  • The structured assessment and mapping of the current state.
  • Defining the goals and targets, the priorities.
  • The systems to provide the not just the visibility of what’s going on but to uncover and expose Waste and Non Value Adding Activities that burn time and money but are often "that’s how we've always done it".
  • Creating the road map to navigate the journey.
  • Training and instilling the skills, knowledge and confidence into teams and managers so they know what’s good, what’s bad and how to fix it in a controlled optimum way.

Yes, we can come in a fill a gap and deliver gains.


But the real value, the USP of End State over normal operations consultancies is over 20 years of living breathing Operations and driving significant transformation, change and improvements at the highest levels of delivery.


Not just the "in theory" proposals that are easy to make, but to come in and very quickly navigate your culture, budgets, incumbents, day to day issues and still change the direction of the ship and leave the ship faster, in better shape, in the right direction and most importantly with a crew able to not just stay that way, but keep getting better on their own.


Lots of people can look around and tell you what you should do, which you probably know anyway. 


But the devil is in the detail, the subtleties of the people, the processes and the systems and its the much deeper learning and analysis of that, with the right metrics and data, that unlocks not just the root causes to fix what needs fixing, but gets the buy in and engagement of the teams.


And that, with the right training, tools and instilling of "what good looks like" creates the foundation for the right culture which leads to the right legacy we want to leave.


We won't just deliver the results, we will deliver the culture change, tools and systems for self sustainable gains long after we are gone.


(But we love to come back and visit to see how it's going and we're always available to help and guide. Transformations can be hard, but build great relationships that endure even after the project is passed to the Teams to run with on their own)