Welcome to End State!


Transformation and Support Experts


Do you know what you need?

Do you know where you are? Where you need to be?

Do you know how to get there?


How clear, defined and measurable is that path?


How to even start?


Yes, no, maybe, not sure?


The world is changing, margins are a rapidly shrinking and there isn't robust plan to fix that?


Perhaps it's more simple - All of those are a Yes, but you just don't have the time, the resource or the right skill sets within your team to deliver what you need to get done.


Or you finally decide that with a bit of extra help, you can see off a number of key projects that work load or existing skills means you can't get to but would make things better.


Too busy fighting the fires, to deliver the fundamental changes that will put the fires out and keep them out?

Just dont have the time!

But if you had a trusted resource that could quickly take ownership and deliver results, while giving you back the headspace to do what you do well....

Your job!

Not your job and a load of others' jobs too.


Welcome to End State!


The end state is the specified situation at the successful completion of the final phase of a project or operation.


So we start at the end, then work backwards to define how we get there and the steps, journey, processes, tools and milestones to achieve it.


Which is big and broad - it's supposed to be.

As within that big and broad and often grey area is where a lot of business and departments find themselves and End State is there to help navigate that grey, with over 2 decades of world class results and experience across various sectors.


Consultancy, interim, advice, support and analysis.


Transformation - Digital, Lean, New Lines, or Systems


Commissioning - Installation, Ramp up and Ops Delivery


Management, from a shift to a factory to a company.


Project management, NPD, Lean, Supply Chain.



All to globally branded businesses and in heavily regulated markets.


Don't struggle on, get in touch for support!


You run lean, everyone does, a lot work load often sits on a few shoulders and the loss of a key person, even for a short time can greatly upset that delicate balance.

Others need to step up and do even more and even good people when under enough workload and pressure are likely to make mistakes and that just compounds the problem.

Do you struggle on? 

Keep grinding, longer hours, more over time costs, results start to decline and everyone is unhappy?


Call for support.


Get the help to relieve those pressures until your team is back where it needs to be, or your Business is back on track and your team have a new road map and skill set to now deliver your results on their own.


End State Ltd - Interim, Transformation, Consultancy and Support



Global Blue Chip best practice, standards and expectations.


World Class systems and transformation experience to map what good looks like into your Business.


Please explore the rest of the site for examples and achievements and of course get in touch if we can add the value to help you get to your end state.