Sustainable Results


Everyone is busy, everyone is always busy.


The volume of work dilutes the ability of good people to focus on results.


A lack of good sustainable systems and procedures that results in an ever growing reliance on a few people to manage all the details always ends up in errors and issues as even the best people with the best intentions can only do so much.

Weaker less dedicated people under those conditions just gives even greater levels of failures.


Hence a key, essential part of the work we do is the installation or improvement of systems and procedures and their training to give people a base line to work and manage to.


The more we can standardise (and streamline) processes, the more we reduce the need for people to make decisions and less decisions is less scope for wrong decisions.


This would be further supported by having the right measurement systems so all the key results can be tracked, trended and then targeted.


Data is key. There is a place for gut feel, but often the next big win may not be obvious and the data allows that to be discovered and quantified and then the justification, prioritising and root cause analysis of how to attack it naturally follows.


Remember  - If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.