It easier to not spend it than earn it


Over nearly 2 decades, we've led initiatives that have saved nearly £8 million within the year of their implementation.

That’s bottom line cost savings


Just some of those highlights:


BCM Fareva - 40% reduction in direct labour spend, £4 million saving.

                        20% increase in OEE


Gousto - 220% increase in turnover, installation of 7 new lines.

               £1 million of cost savings.


Unilever - 5 fold increase in site tonnage, OEE's from comissioning to 60%'s and growing.


DHL Ferrero - £125k direct labour saving through raising productivity 24%, all done over only 4 months.


Mars - £600k labour saving by doubling the tonnes per shift

           £480k materials saving through scrap reduction


PepsiCo - Installation across Global R&D sites, Ops reporting and control systems.

                 £100k labour saving on SMED for Hygiene routines


Noble Foods - £300k Optimised hygiene and Line consusmables reductions


Clean Linen  - £175k optimised transport routes


Barry Callebaut - £350k direct labour through raising OEE 15%


On top of this has been millions of pounds of sales increases, efficiency gains and unlocked opportunities.